What you need to know before taking Provigil

There is certain important information to know about this drug called Provigil, which is used to promote wakefulness in individuals. Provigil has an important ingredient called modafinil or armodafinil, for which it is possible to treat sleepiness in an individual. Before someone goes to the doctor to ask for a prescription of Provigil, they should have a thorough discussion on any type of disease that they are suffering from as well as on diseases they had earlier. These diseases include liver damage, kidney problems, angina, heart ailments, drug addiction problems, etc. If patient is currently taking any medication for any reason, that should also be informed to the doctor.

Provigil influences the function of the central nervous system. It can affect the reactions as well as the thinking abilities of a person. So, one who is taking the drug must be careful for any action, where they require to maintain complete alertness. Specifically when driving a car or when operating any machines, one must try and gauge the influences of the drug over themselves.

It is not known whether the drug can harm the unborn child. However, it is generally advised that if the patient is planning to become pregnant soon or are taking the drug, they must avoid using the drug under all circumstances. In fact, it is also not known whether the substance can pass to the breast milk and harm the infant in any way or not. So, if the mother is breast feeding their child, they should try and avoid taking this drug.

Provigil has strong influences on most of the birth control pills and some of the methods of contraception, where implants are used to control birth. As a result, if someone is taking this drug, they may experience some unplanned pregnancy. In case, the patient wants to control their pregnancy, they should apply certain other methods to control their pregnancy. It is best to take the advice of the doctors regarding this process.

There are certain medicines which also interact with Provigil. It can be the birth control pills and it can also be certain herbal preparation, nonprescription medicine or dietary supplements. One must carefully know whether the ingredients of the medicine are suitable for them. In case, they are allergic to any of the substances in Provigil, it is best to avoid it under all circumstances. Individuals suffering from kidney diseases, heart ailments and also liver damages should try and avoid this drug completely.

In case, individual has history of addiction or mental illness with suicidal thoughts or certain other action one must not take this drug. They should also avoid taking this drug if they are taking any monoamine oxidase for any reason. Some azole antifungal medicine increases the risk of experiencing the side effects of Provigil in an alleviated manner. There are medicines such as rifampin, prazosin, Phenobarbital, carbazepine, etc. which might decrease the effectiveness of the drug over the individual. Besides there are medicines such as warfarin, diazepam, phenytoin, etc. which increase some of the risks or side effects of the Provigil drug.