MUSE (Alprostadil) for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Product information

MUSE is an erectile dysfunction treatment, made by Meda drugs. The name of the treatment is an abbreviation for ‘Sedated Urethral System for Erections’. It is planned as a limited treatment for ED, and this office empowers it to work in just 10 minutes. 

  • Starts to work inside 10 minutes of use 
  • Offers limited treatment for ED 
  • Erections keep going for somewhere in the range of 30 and an hour

The treatment is a urethral suppository, which implies that you apply it by regulating it to the furthest limit of the penis. The working fixing in this medicine is a manufactured chemical, called alprostadil. Likewise, found in Caverject, alprostadil plays out a comparable capacity in the body to prostaglandin E1 (PGE1).

Kindly note that you can possibly arrange MUSE online from our UK drug store on the off chance that you have utilized it previously. Preceding first use, a specialist should tell you the best way to oversee MUSE; so in the event that you have not utilized it previously, you should see your GP face to face.

What is ED?

An erection happens when a succession of substance reactions in a man’s body occur, most normally when he gets excited. These compound reactions empower muscle dividers in the veins close to the penis to unwind, and this cycle at that point starts a surge of blood to the penis, bringing about an erection. 

At the point when this arrangement is hindered by dissemination issues or different components, like diabetes or nervousness, at that point it tends to be hard for the person to accomplish and save an erect penis. In situations where the issue perseveres, this is called erectile dysfunction in clinical terms, yet it can likewise be alluded to as impotence.

How common is ED? 

Erectile dysfunction can influence more youthful men, however it is more normal in more established men. It is assessed that about 40% of men more than 60 and fifty percent of men more than 70 will encounter the condition. This may be because of diminished course, which can bring about an absence of satisfactory blood stream. 

The individuals who experience the issue at a more youthful age tend all the more frequently to build up the condition through pressure; regardless of whether it is through roundabout tension related for example to work; or that all the more straightforwardly identified with the demonstration of sex itself. It isn’t unprecedented for the tension which accompanies being with another accomplice and being anxious to intrigue to incite erectile reluctance.

How does MUSE help ED? 

Treatment for erectile dysfunction aims to make it simpler for blood to stream to the penis. Alprostadil does this by copying the activity of PGE1, which assists with easing strain in veins around the penis, and increment blood stream. This empowers the individual utilizing the treatment to get and remain erect for more during sex. On account of MUSE, this engineered chemical is delivered into within the penis by means of the suppository applicator, and consumed by the urethral divider. 

MUSE is somewhat more perplexing to apply than more ordinary ED medicines, like oral tablets: however the advantages of this strategy for application are that it will work extraordinarily rapidly, and is best for the individuals who don’t really want to utilize infusions or gulp down pills. 

The drug is intended to function as a component of a sexual encounter, and therefore requires the client to be explicitly excited with the goal for it to work at its ideal.

MUSE active ingredient – alprostadil suppository

The active ingredient in MUSE is a man-made chemical called alprostadil. This works similarly to prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), which is a normally happening substance in the body. 

Initially, PGE1 plays out a significant capacity in permitting veins and solid tissue around the penile zone to release, encouraging the simpler progression of blood to the penis during snapshots of sexual excitement. Furthermore, to keep an erection, other veins need to confine the progression of blood leaving the penis and assist it with remaining there, and PGE1 additionally helps with this cycle. 

Impotence can be brought about by various conditions. Stress, conditions like diabetes, and diminished course would all be able to add to erectile dysfunction. In situations where somebody is encountering ED, drug can speed up the natural cycles needed to get an erection by assisting the client with accomplishing a normal example of blood stream.

What portions of MUSE are accessible? 

MUSE is accessible in 250, 500 or 1000 microgram dosages. The variant you are recommended will be dictated by whether you have utilized this or some other ED treatment previously, and whether those drugs demonstrated successful. 

The normal starting portion is MUSE 500 microgram urethral sticks. This might be expanded, diminished or kept the equivalent, contingent upon how you respond to the treatment.

What to pay your attention when purchasing MUSE on the web 

If it’s not too much trouble, note that there is as of now no conventional variant of this drug available in the UK. 

When purchasing MUSE for ED online in the UK, consistently utilize a GPhC enlisted drug store, and guarantee that the treatment you are purchasing is marked. 

On the off chance that you have utilized this drug previously, you can restore your MUSE solution online with our basic, private assistance. Take our poll, and one of our clinical staff will survey your reactions. When endorsed, our UK drug store will give your thing and boat it by means of secure messenger.


To be powerful, it is critical to guarantee you apply MUSE as taught by your primary care physician, and that you follow the bit by bit control provided with the medication. Doing so may likewise assist with restricting the danger of conceivable results. 

  • A specialist should tell you the best way to utilize MUSE before first use. 
  • The treatment is simpler to regulate on the off chance that you have a clammy urethral section. Prior to application, it is prudent to visit the latrine to pee. 
  • Know that the tip of the MUSE instrument is sterile, so attempt to keep away from contact subsequent to removing it from the defensive pocket. 
  • Back rub the penis to assist it with broadening full length, before delicately embeddings the tool into the tip of the penis. On the off chance that this causes agony or uneasiness, cautiously extricate the implement and gradually re-embed. 
  • Once set up, press the catch on the finish of the utensil and hold it there for in any event five seconds. 
  • Cautiously and somewhat move the utensil from one side to another, to deliver the substance. 
  • At that point, delicately pull out the implement and guarantee there is no fluid left inside. 
  • Roll your penis between two open hands to assist the prescription with accomplishing ideal urethral inclusion. 
  • Sit for 10 minutes to permit the prescription to work. 
  • Never surpass the sum endorsed by our doctor, and never apply the medication more than twice in any one 24-hour duration, or in excess of multiple times in a seven-day term. 

You should not ingest sporting medications in the event that you are utilizing erectile dysfunction medication, as this can be extremely perilous. 

Peruse the bearings cautiously prior to utilizing this drug, and inquire as to whether you are as yet uncertain.

Side effects 

On account of MUSE and all other medicines for erectile dysfunction, it is essential prior to utilizing them to be learned of the potential results they may cause, so you can make the fitting strides in the event that you experience them later on. 

Normal (1 out of 10 individuals):

  • Copying feeling inside the urethra, or sensations of torment and inconvenience. 

Phenomenal (1 out of 100 individuals): 

  • Discombobulation, testicular agony, low pulse, torment in the accomplice’s vagina, cerebral pains. 

Uncommon (1 of every 1000 individuals): 

Perineal torment, swollen veins in the legs, expanded pulse, blacking out, urinary lot diseases, delayed erections (priapism). 

This is definitely not a full rundown of likely results. For a more complete record, allude to the data flyer provided or address your PCP. 

On the off chance that you experience a drawn out erection or some other results, it is basic to look for guaranteed clinical consideration.

Taking it with different meds 

On the off chance that you are utilizing medicine, over-the-counter or even healing prescription, you ought to advise your PCP preceding or during conference for MUSE. Try not to begin or quit utilizing any of these meds without first checking with your endorsing doctor. 

Alprostadil may enhance or hinder the impacts of: aliskiren; clonidine; diazoxide; alpha-blockers including tamsulosin and doxazosin; beta-blockers including atenolol and propranolol; calcium-channel blockers, for instance diltiazem and nifedipine; minoxidil; nitrate-based prescriptions; diuretics; hydralazine; methyldopa; moxonidine; losartan and valsartan. 

Kindly note that the data gave here is certifiably not a thorough record of the limitations which apply to this medication. In the event that you need to know more, address your primary care physician or allude to the patient data for this item. 

Conditions to pay special mind to 

If it’s not too much trouble, tell your prescriber on the off chance that you are inclined to or have had the accompanying conditions previously, as they may influence your appropriateness for this medication: heart issues; any condition which may make you powerless to priapism; irritation or contamination of the urethra or penis; penile anomalies like Peyronie’s illness; limited urethral entry. 

Sporting medications 

You should not ingest sporting medications on the off chance that you are wanting to utilize MUSE. Doing so can be exceptionally hazardous and cause a serious destructive response. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding 

MUSE ought not be utilized by ladies. 

In the event that your accomplice is pregnant or might be pregnant, you should utilize a condom when utilizing MUSE. 

Converse with your primary care physician for exhortation prior to utilizing MUSE if your accomplice is breastfeeding. 

Driving and utilizing hardware 

Conceivable results incorporate tipsiness. Try not to drive or work machines in the event that you are influenced by any results that may repress your ability to do so securely.

Where to buy MUSE (Alprostadil)?

There are a lot of online shops where you can buy alprostadil without a prescription and get fast worldwide delivery to your home. It’s easy to pay using major credit cards. Some stores also accept payment via Western Union,  Moneygram, Zelle, BitCoins, Bank Wire Transfers, Cebuana, M. Lhuiller, GCash and LBC.

Would i be able to in any case drink liquor? 

You can drink liquor while utilizing most medicines for impotence. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that this treatment has unmistakable application guidelines, and on the grounds that liquor utilization can be a contributing variable to erectile dysfunction, we would prompt against it. 

Can I actually drive? 

While this prescription ought not straightforwardly influence your capacity to drive, you should forgo doing as such in the event that you experience any results which may influence your judgment or engine abilities. 

How could I store it? 

MUSE will be conveyed to you in a cool pack. The item ought to be promptly submitted in an ice chest in request for the producer’s termination date to stay legitimate. It can likewise be kept out of the cooler in a protected spot beneath 30°C however under these conditions it ought to be utilized inside 14 days. Continuously avoid kids and in the first bundling. 

Am I oversensitive to anything in the medication? 

The two fixings used to make MUSE are alprostadil and macrogol. Try not to take this medication on the off chance that you are oversensitive to these substances. 

Is it appropriate for me? 

Patients who have not utilized MUSE before ought to address their PCP face to face. They should give exhortation and show how to utilize the medicine before first use.